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What Are You Focusing On?

When you read this verse, do you focus on “delight” or “desires”? When I first started walking with Jesus, I always focused on desires and what you focus on determines what you experience. When I focused on my desires, I thought about them all the time. As I did, my world felt small and I was frustrated. I ended up focusing on all the desires I didn’t have yet and then envied what everyone else seemed to have.  I was miserable and I was missing the point of the verse.

Let’s read it again:

“Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4 NIV

The point is to focus your life on delighting in your relationship with the Lord. When I focused on delighting in the Lord and my relationship with Him, my world opened up. Suddenly instead of being sad at what I didn’t have, I experienced my life with Someone I loved and who loved me every moment of every day. The word delight in this verse means to find joy, great enjoyment and pleasure in. Delighting in the Lord means focusing on enjoying your relationship with God and trusting Him with the rest. Trusting Him with the desires of your heart.  In fact the best way to fully delight in God is to let go of your desires and let Him have them. There is sweet freedom found in delighting in your relationship with God while letting Him hold your desires. Why? Because He is a good Father who knows and loves you more than you know and love yourself.

Trust God with your heart, your future and the desires of your heart. Trust God, delight in His love, His heart and His plans for you. Take it from me, delighting in Him is more fun than spending all your energy focused on why He isn’t giving you all the desires of your heart right now.

Take delight in the Lord and leave the rest to Him.

Is focusing on the desires of your heart making you miserable?

Are you enjoying your relationship with God or just enduring it?

What does it look like to delight in the Lord for you and your life?

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  1. The desire of my heart has been and still is, my wayward daughter coming back to Christ. The weight of this had made me miserable. I have FINALLY given it to the Lord and now delight that HE is able to bring her back and that there is enough grace to cover her sins as well as mine. Hallelujah!

    1. Gena, our kids are the hardest to surrender to God and we have to do it over and over again ( or at least I do). I love that you are delighting in Him and resting in the truth that He loves your daughter more than you do. There is enough grace – well said and well lived! Amen!

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