Cindy Grasso

A Different Model

When Jesus told His closest friends that they were going to lead their lives by a different rule than the world around them, it was the rule of love. Love is always about attitude. Love forgets itself, it’s position and its rights. Love serves. You can make breakfast for someone but not serve them with love. You can work all day at your job and not serve anyone. You can clean a toilet and only serve to banish grime. There is nothing more blessed than to forget yourself, your worries, your struggles and serve with love. It is a relief in this mad world and a gift to you as much as it is to others.

“Jesus, knowing their thoughts, called them to his side and said, “Kings and those with great authority in this world rule oppressively over their subjects, like tyrants. But this is not your calling. You will lead by a completely different model.”  Matthew 20:25 TPT

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