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Remember, Lord

David prays in Psalms 25:6, “Remember, Lord, your great mercy and love, for they are of old” (NIV)
In this simple sentence David asks God to remember the parts of Himself that have always existed, as “they are of old.” Before King David was born, before I was born, before you were born-God’s great mercy and love is the reality that holds the universe together. The Hebrew word for mercy in today’s verse is, “raham” and it is the picture of a womb. It is the place where life begins and the truth is all life begins with God. It comes with the idea of a mother cherishing a precious fetus growing within. It is this tender love, the joyous wonder of new life.
I remember the first time I felt my oldest son move inside of me. We were in a season where we had left everything we knew and didn’t know what our future looked like. We had tried for five years to get pregnant and we had given up. Then in the middle of uncertainty I felt the quickening of life making itself known. With a rush of wonder I realized that I had a tiny miracle growing within my womb. So precious to me was the promise of this child that the fear of losing it was strong. So powerful was the hope of holding the baby that it was painful.  And yet, my faith was emboldened to believe in miracles once again because I was carrying one. I experienced God’s great mercy in the midst of a season where I felt lost and uncertain.
Then the warrior king chose the Hebrew word, “hesed” for God’s love. The word “hesed” is more than a description of an emotion, it is the ancient and faithful promise of God’s providence. It is His goodness and His provision given in times of deep struggle.  It is the picture of someone powerful bending low to help someone who needs it. It is Boaz helping Ruth, and the heart that moved Jesus to raise the only son of a widow from the dead so that she would be taken care of.  It is God bending low to lift His loved ones out of desperation and fear into the light of life.
To call upon the great “raham” mercy of God and “hesed” love of God in times of trouble is to throw yourself upon His chest and lay your head on His heart. It is to call upon the heart of your Father and ask Him to recall the wondrous joy of the quickening of life when you were created. It is to ask for help not because you deserve it but because you are His.
It is the bold request from one who dares to believe in the great love and faithfulness of their parent. My friend, when you feel lost and alone, wondering how you will get through this, throw yourself upon God’s great mercy and faithful love believing that He will catch you. He will.
“Give me grace Yahweh! Always look at me through your eyes of love – your forgiving eyes of mercy and compassion.”  Psalms 25:6 TPT

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  1. Thanks for sharing Cindy! Good meditation! I didn’t know those words or the meaning behind them. He indeed is the One Who formed us in our mother’s womb, Who sets us before and behind, and Who numbers the hairs on our heads. We need to rely on and rest in His Love each day, every day, because they are new every morning.

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