Cindy Grasso

Keep Me

“Keep and protect me, O God, for in You I have placed my trust and found refuge.”           

Psalm 16:1 AMP

Often the person that I need protection from is me.

I am my own worst enemy and I bet you are your own worst enemy as well.

No one can be as hard on you as you can.

When you are caught in a cycle of self condemnation, cry out to God:

Jesus, keep me from me.

Keep me from getting wrapped up in myself and not seeing what is going on in the lives of those around me.

Keep me from being obsessed with myself.  Obsessed with what others think about me, how I look, how much I eat or don’t eat or whatever. 

Keep me from over-analyzing every single word of every conversation, what I should have said or should not have said. When I do this, I am missing what You are doing all around me. Help me to listen well and hear what others are really saying.

May this be the last moment today I think about myself. 

May my focus and energy be to worship and magnify You.

May my eyes be open to see what You are doing and how you want to use me there.

Help me to think more of others than myself. 

Help me to uncover every moment of joy you have prepared for me.

Keep me from me and hold me close to YOU today.

In Your Powerful Name, AMEN.

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