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If where you are is boring, stay there.

If where you are is overwhelming, stay there.

If where you are is fun, stay there.

If where you are is challenging, stay there.

Stay where God has called you to be.

He will give you the strength to stand the monotony, wisdom to navigate the stress, clarity to get the most out of the fun and vision to conquer the challenge.

“Friends, stay where you were called to be. God is there. Hold the high ground with him at your side.” 1 Corinthians‬ ‭7‬:‭24‬ MSG

Look to God for your identity, your purpose and the strength to live it out.

Hold the high ground.
Stay where you are.

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  1. Hi Cindy,
    I messed up at work today. I let my husband and father in law down. I cried. I hate when I cry at work. I wanted to leave. I want to walk out today and it’s not even 9:00 yet! Your devo today says to “STAY”. Stay and pray. ok. so I’m staying today. Please pray for me.

    1. Good Morning Tanja, I have been praying for you and I have been in places where staying was the hardest thing in the world and you can only do it because God is leading you to. Sometimes staying is hard because you have to resolve the conflict and instigate change – and that is hard work. I am praying for you to have courage, clarity and the power of the Holy Spirit to do it. Love you.

      1. Thank you Cindy. Thank you for your kind words of wisdom and your prayers. I miss you.
        I’m really struggling with anxiety right now and trying to give it to the Lord. Your devo today on “Worry” was JUST what I needed to hear. Please pray that God helps me to have faith over fear and trust Him in this situation. Thank you sweet friend,
        Love Tanja

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