The Storm of Uncertainty


Since living in Southern Florida for the last few of years, I have a healthy respect for storms that come on quickly and are ferocious. Every afternoon in the summer, the fluffy white clouds that fill the blue expanse of the sky in the morning turn into dark thunderclouds by the afternoon.  Some afternoon storms are gentle showers and over quickly. Some of them rip the sky open with the crack of lightning, heart-pounding thunderclaps, and vicious wind.

Right now the world is in a storm of uncertainty as we all do our part, whatever that is, to deal with the reality of Coronavirus impacting our lives.

Suddenly a furious storm came up on the lake so that the waves swept over the boat. But Jesus was sleeping.”  Matthew‬ ‭8‬:‭24‬ NIV

The verse above describes a storm on the Sea of Galilee that came on so suddenly and was so ferocious that seasoned fisherman (the disciples) feared for their lives.

And what was Jesus doing? He was sleeping. He was resting.

He didn’t get in the boat at the beginning of the voyage and quiet the winds and calm the waves before he fell asleep, Jesus rested right in the middle of it.

The storm did not disturb him.

How did Jesus rest in the midst of an unexpected storm?

Jesus knew three things:

  1.  That God, His Father determined His time on earth, not a storm- even the most ferocious of ones.
  2.  Who and whose He was: the Son of God, on a mission from God, filled with the power of God.
  3. He knew that His mission was not over yet.

The best thing for you to do in a storm is to trust God and rest. 

Rest in God’s sovereignty:  He knows the moment you will cross into eternity.  This storm will not be the end of your story and God does not have half a plan.

Rest in knowing who and whose you are: a cherished child of God, redeemed by the cross of Christ to live life loved and drenched in God’s grace.

Rest in the knowledge that as long as you are here, God’s mission for you is not done yet.

I know it is stormy where you are but I want you to know that God is there with you and He will get you through whatever happens.



In the city at night, you can almost count the stars on your hands. The deeper you are in the city, the harder it is to see the stars, much less count them.

In the mountains at night, you can lift your eyes to see a canopy of stars filling every inch of the sky. More than you could ever possibly count and deeper than you could ever comprehend.

“He determines the number of the stars and calls them each by name.”

Psalm‬ ‭147:4‬ ‭NIV‬‬

God knows exactly how many stars are there, the ones you can see and the ones you can’t.

He knows each one by name, even the ones so far out that our most advanced technology has not discovered them yet.

If God can hold the number and name of each star in the universe, He is able to hold you. To knows you. To take care of the things you see and the things you can’t see.

God is able.

Rest in the wonder of His love.

When you need to be reminded of God’s power and majesty-look up at the stars.