Hemmed In


“You hem me in behind and before, and you lay your hand upon me. Such knowledge is too wonderful for me, too lofty for me to attain.”
‭‭Psalm‬ ‭139:5-6‬ ‭NIV‬‬

You may feel like you are on your own to deal with life.

That you are on your own to deal with stress.

On your own to make it happen, whatever “it” is, but you are not on your own, you are God’s beloved child.

His love goes before you and His grace follows behind you.

You are cherished and provided for, guided and anointed to walk confidently in God’s love.

God goes before you to make a way where there seems to be no way, He sets up divine appointments for you to walk in and he brings people across your path that need you.

He blesses you with what you need, to do what He has called you to do.

His hand of blessing is on your head. He has hemmed you in His love.

That means in ALL that you do, big or small, his hand of blessing is on it- because his hand of blessing is on you.

My prayer for you is that you will begin to see yourself in the light of God’s passionate love for you:

He has chosen you.
Rescued you.
Provided for you.
Forgiven you.
Equipped you.
Goes before you.
Follows up after you.

God’s love is not like man’s love. He is not controlling you, He is surrounding you with Himself and there is more freedom in his presence than anywhere else in the world.

“For in him we live and move and have our being.”
‭‭Acts‬ ‭17:28‬ ‭NIV‬‬

In Jesus, you have permission to live fully in God’s grace and walk confidently with His hand of blessing on you.

You are beloved and surrounded by Him. Set your fear aside and walk confidently in His love today.

No Empty Hands


And when you release them, do not send them away empty-handed. (Deuteronomy 15:13 NIV)

In the Old Testament when God laid out to the Israelites how their community would work, He put in a clause to assure that those who found themselves in desperate financial situations would have a way out. They would not have to stay slaves forever. If they had sold themselves into slavery it could only last 7 years. Then the owner must release the slave and send them away with the means to begin a new life.

It is called The Lord’s Release and he instructs them to not send out their former servants empty handed.

Jesus is the fulfillment of The Lord’s Release. We are not doomed to be slaves to sin forever but have a way out in Christ.

My friend, when you are released to begin to live a free life in Christ, you do not begin your new life with empty hands.

God will use what the enemy meant for harm to bring you good and fill your hands with blessings.

God will give you what you need, when you need it.

He may not show you the end of the new road you are on but he will give you the strength to take the first step on it.

You are not empty handed as a child of God. You are provided for, equipped and empowered to walk in freedom.