Ask God This Question

“Father, Reveal who you are today.”
Matthew 11:2 MSG

The most life-transforming moments happen when God reveals who He is to you.

The moments that you realize that He is proud of you, loves you with an unwavering constancy and is yearning to spend time with you.

This is just the tip of the iceberg – a lifetime of loving Him will barely scratch the surface of His love.

Jesus said to ask God to reveal Himself to you today.

You don’t need a lot of words.

You don’t need a lot of time.

You only need to ask and be open to receive it.

Then, be ready to be amazed.

That is it.

That is everything.

Before you get face to face with all that is happening in the world today, get face to face with your Father and let Him love you.

Big or Small

That’s why I urge you to pray for absolutely everything, ranging from small to large. Include everything as you embrace this God-life, and you’ll get God’s everything.” 

Mark 11:24 MSG

Jesus said that we can and should pray for absolutely anything and everything, big or small.

He came so that nothing would hinder a “with God” life because God wants to be with you.

He wants to join you in your day, no matter what your day looks like. Whether it is busy or boring. Whether you must deal with big things or small things. God wants to be a part of it all.

Take Jesus at His word today and invite God into absolutely anything and everything, big or small.

He has come to be with you and brings all of heaven with Him.



What are the things you are stressed about? 

Jesus put stress in two categories:

1. Worries about all the things you have to do.

2. Worry about all the things you want to get.

“The seed cast in the weeds represents the ones who hear the kingdom news but are overwhelmed with worries about all the things they have to do and all the things they want to get.

The stress strangles what they heard, and nothing comes of it. (Mark 4:18, 19 MSG)

A stress-filled life strangles the power of God’s Word in you. It makes it like a dormant seed unable to break out of it’s shell . It can not grow to become the formidable, fruit-bearing, Spirit reproducing Word it is meant to be.

You hear the Word of God and it is exactly what you need. But then you begin thinking of all you need to do and all the things you don’t have and soon you have forgotten that Word.

Don’t let stress to undermine the revelation of God’s powerful Word in your life. 

Don’t let your to-do lists to dictate your time in the Word, get in the Word and let it dictate your to-do lists.

Just as stress strangles the Word, so the Word strangles stress. It just matters which one comes first. 

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. ”
‭‭Matthew‬ ‭6:33-34‬ ‭NIV‬‬

The key is in what your are seeking. 

Break up with stress. 

Embrace God’s presence and go after his kingdom- he will take care of the rest.