Show Me How

There is nothing more amazing than the moment you “see” the life God has called you to live.

Things that have blinded you before are gone and the chains that have bound you to repeat the past are broken by the power of Jesus Christ.

You see it.

But you don’t know to live it.

“Show me how you work, GOD;
School me in your ways.
Take me by the hand;
Lead me down the path of truth”. (‭Psalm‬ ‭25‬:‭4-5‬ MSG)

God wants more than for you to just “see” the vision He has for you- He wants to live it. But God also knows that you don’t know how to.

He is not asking you to do it alone, He is asking you to do it with Him.

He wants to take you by the hand and gently show you how He works and how to work out in reality what He has shown you.

You are in a relationship with a living, powerful, amazing God whose ways are higher than yours and He lovingly, longingly desires to teach them to you.

When you first see clearly the life God wants you to live, don’t get overwhelmed by the vision of it, dig down deep into the relationship He wants to have with you to it.

He will never ask you to take more than one step at a time. He will never require you to live more than one day at a time.

See it clearly, then take your focus off the vision and focus on the nailed scarred hand offered to you.

Lean on Him, learn from Him, obey the small nudges and follow through on the little things He asks you do.

There is nothing more amazing than the moment you “see” the life God has called you live, expect for the relationship you get to have with the amazing God who has called you.

Focus on the relationship and He will bring the rest into your reality.