Amazing Grace 

The same God who set the sun with enough energy to burn as long as it must has given you everything you need to accomplish what he has called you to do. 

He apportioned the exact right amount for it. Don’t worry about running out of it, for you are not the keeper of it. You are the receiver of his grace and all he asks of you is to trust him and use everything he has given you. 

Don’t hold back, don’t portion it out. 

You do have time. 

You do have the strength. 

You are able because you are wrapped in the amazing grace of God. 

But to each one of us grace has been given as Christ apportioned it. Ephesians 4:7 NIV

What do need God’s grace to do today?

Keep Me

“Keep us safe from ourselves and the Devil.”
Mathew 6:13 MSG 

Keep me from getting wrapped up in myself.

Keep me from over analyzing every single word of every single conversation trying to dissect what they might be thinking, what I wasn’t thinking, how I should have responded differently. This one thing alone can sap my energy to the point I am exhausted . It keeps my attention on myself and I completely miss what You are doing around me. 

Keep me from being obsessed with myself. Obsessed with how I look, how much I eat or don’t eat, what I should wear, how I should…you get the point. By depending so much on how the outward looks, I neglect filling up the inward with Your presence, power, grace and love.

And those are only two examples of how I can lead myself down my own well worn roads of discouragement and fear. 

I just need a nudge from the enemy. He doesn’t need to work that hard to send me down a path of such powerful self-distraction that I completely miss the joy of life’s little moments. I don’t even recognize the the offer of new friendship or gift of fulfilling Your purpose in my day. 

Today Lord, may this be the last moment I think about myself and focus all my energy to worship and magify You. May my eyes be open to see what You are doing where I am and celebrate it with You. May I uncover every moment of joy already laid for me. May I walk in your purposes and every time I’m tempted to go down my familiar self obsessed roads, give me a new road to walk on- Yours. 

En and Ing

Keep us forgiven with you and forgiving others. 
Mathew 6:12 MSG 

Right with God,
Right with others,


Taking stock,
Taking responsibility,

Receiving the embrace of a loving Heavenly Father, 
Giving grace bought by the sacrifice of His Son,

Living forgiven.
Living forgiving. 

Right with God,
Right with others,

Jesus said pray like this. 

For Today

“Keep us alive with three square meals.”
Mathew 6:11 MSG

Daily bread.

Daily strength.

Daily sustenance. 

Lord, give me what I need for today. 

Not what I needed yesterday. 

Not what I will need for tomorrow.

What I need today.

It will probably look different than I expect it to but it will do the job nonetheless. 

You are good like that. 

Thank you, Lord, for daily bread. 

Do What Is Best

Set the world right; Do what’s best— as above, so below.  Matthew‬ ‭6:10 MSG‬‬

This is how Jesus said to pray. You may know this verse as “your kingdom come, your will be done”. 

Sometimes when you pray, you try to get the words right so you can get the situation right. 

Here Jesus is saying that is okay, even preferable, to ask God to do His will, His way by His power. 

To acknowledge that you don’t know what is best or how to make anything happen. To surrender and trust. To be humble and honest. 

Instead of praying for God’s power to help you do your best, what if you simply prayed for Him to do what IS best and give Him as much reign in your life as He has in heaven (total).

It’s a different way to pray.
Less stress, if you ask me. 

Maybe it looks like this:
“Heavenly Father, set the hurting world right. Set my personal world right. You have permission to do what You think is best (even if I don’t agree with it) and you have fully authority, full reign and full trust to do it.

How do you think God’s “best” differs from your “best”?

How does praying this way differ from how you normally pray?

What does it mean for you to give God full reign in your life…as above, so below”? 



Today is a good day to begin.

Begin to pray differently. 

Begin to pray with open hands and open eyes.

Instead of praying with closed hands, holding on so desperately to what you are afraid to let go of, pray with open hands and let God be God. 

Present your requests, petitions, hopes and desires to Him and them let Him do what only He can do. Give them to Him and leave the results to Him. Release your expectations of how He should answer while at the same knowing that He will answer. 

Today is a good day to begin asking God to reveal Himself to you.

“(Pray) Like this: Our Father in heaven, Reveal who you are. Matthew 6:9 MSG “

Instead of praying, “God, this is who I want you to be”, begin to pray, “God reveal who You are to me.”

It will transform your life.
He wants to.
He will.

Begin today to pray different. 

When was the last time you asked simply God to reveal Himself to you or in your situation?”

How hard is it for you to leave the results to God? 

What does it mean for you to let God be God in your life? 

Prayer Trumps Panic

Panic is defined as sudden uncontrollable fear or anxiety. When you experience it, it makes you want to do something to solve whatever it is that is causing the panic. Very rarely is that action wise or right (unless it is getting you away from a dangerous physical situation and it gets you out of there). 

All kinds of things can cause panic to rise within you and when it does, I am going to ask you to wait. To breathe. To pray. To go to God first instead of trying to immediately fix it.

“This is your Father you are dealing with, and he knows better than you what you need. With a God like this loving you, you can pray very simply. 

Matthew‬ ‭6:7 MSG

When you go to God with your panic, He knows what to do and what needs to be done. He knows how to calm your heartbeat and clear your mind. Why? Because He is your Father and He knows you. He knows why it is happening and why you responding to it that way. He also knows how to lead you down the right path, not just the first one that presents itself. He knows if there is a higher way, a better way or a healthier way to deal with it. 

Pause the panic and pray. 

It doesn’t have to a long prayer to be a powerful one. Your Father in heaven loves you and knows what even a one word prayer like “help” means. 

Prayer trumps panic every time. 

What is causing you to panic right now? 

What does pausing the panic and praying instead of reacting look like to you?