Unfinished Masterpiece


Unfinished Masterpiece,
now available on Amazon and iBooks.

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Unfinished Masterpiece:

If heaven had a museum, what would be in it? This small book is my answer to that question and captures a moment with God that helped me understand the depth of His love and grace for each one of us. I hope you enjoy it and that God speaks to you through it.

– Cindy Grasso

 What people are saying about it:

“I just finished your book Unfinished Masterpiece, it was so good! I just wanted to tell you
how powerful your words are and how much they hit home. It was a
wake-up call. I never realized fear could govern our lives so much.
Your words have convicted and challenged my heart. Thank you for
following the dream to get those words out there, I’m sure you will
impact many more hearts of His daughters as more and more people
read it!” – Kaydee Daniel

“I am moved by your words and voice and so glad that I was able to attend your session
at the Women’s Retreat this last weekend on “Unfinished
Masterpiece-Not Forgotten”. I am strong in my faith and love the
Lord with all my heart but it was made clear that I still had more
to lay down on the altar.  Thus, ch.2 “The Choice” hit me hard in a
good way as I wrote my faith proclamation prayer to the Lord and
later knelt down and truly confessed it out and over to my Majesty
Lord and Creator. I walked out after the class feeling refreshed
and anew”. – Vivian Snyder


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