Cindy Grasso is the mom of two amazing teenage boys and the wife of a fun loving man who she has been married to for 23 years.  She is the Discipleship Pastor at Cape Christian in Cape Coral, Florida.  She is passionate about the Word of God, is deliriously happy when she finds a good book to read and loves to run away to Walt Disney World with her family as often as possible.  Her life changed when she was 18 years old and challenged to go to church by her then boyfriend as proof that he was telling the truth (and really went to a church on the weekend). She is living proof that a relationship with Jesus will transform every part of your life and knows there is no greater honor than to share the story of what he has done in her life with others.

Recent messages:

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“Bitter or Better” from a Weekend Message Series at Cape Christian.

“Be You” from a Beloved Women’s Event.

P.S. Cindy does have more than one outfit to preach in, she just really loved that green jacket this year. 

What others are saying:
Cindy is a great speaker as well as an accomplished writer. She delves deep into the word of God and pulls out nuggets of gold which is shared with straight forward & uncomplicated passion. She will capture your attention, draw you in and leave you feeling full yet hungry for more.”

Deb Killan
Eden Song Ministries

“Your words touched our ladies hearts and left them wanting more. I am excited for the calling God has upon your life as a leader of leaders…you are a true mentor to women and they sense it. Your words were relevant and inspiring. The ladies wanted to hear every word and not miss a thing, what a blessing!!”

Camille Mason
Women’s Ministry Director
Thrive Church, Elk Grove

“Cindy Grasso’s passion and enthusiasm make God’s word come alive! Her teaching is relevant to women in their everyday walk with the Lord. Her teaching makes one desire to go deeper in their faith. Cindy’s love for the Savior is obvious; her style of speaking is electric, and her teachings hit the heart. I could listen to her for days!”

Cari Gruelle


If you are interested in having her speak at your event, please email her at  cindygrasso@me.com to get the conversation started. 


10 thoughts on “About

  1. Ellie www.newcreationsministries.wordpress.com/ says:

    Hi Cindy, do you mind if I ask a personal question? I’m in the planning stages of creating my day long 3 part seminar series on “Life’s Too Short to Eat Bad Cheese (Life and nutritional lessons God taught me) and want to prepare a marketing plan for a ministry such as this. Did you prepare one yourself before starting your speaking ministry? Have you found Christian marketing plans on the internet to assist you?
    Thank you for your time, I realize you are as busy as I am. Blessings.

    • cindygrasso says:

      Hi Ellie,
      I can’t remember if I responded to your question or not. I’m so sorry it has taken so long for a really simple answer: I have not run across any good marketing plans nor am I using one myself. I’m just doing the best I can with what I have right now!


  2. Ellie www.newcreationsministries.wordpress.com/ says:

    Thank you Cindy, I appreciated your response. After attending a Christian Women’s Business Conference, it was highly recommended but I’ve spoken to many churches, women’s groups and fitness centers over the years without one. Now that I’m thinking of branching out, I was simply curious if other successful speakers had used any type of Christian marketing plan. (I’m sure your best is better than most anyway, because God directs your path.)

  3. Mary Gaddis says:

    Life is getting dirty, but the best is we can use a vacuum and clean up! The word of God is that vacuum for us today. So when we get to loaded down its the sign we need to clean up! I’m so happy that God is just
    Waiting for us to allow Him to do it all for us… I’m so happy you never gave up, but you continued to try.
    Thank you for listening to God speaking to you and stepping out.
    Mary Jane Gaddis


    Thanks for visiting my site and the follow. I’m following you now and love your love to serve God.

    Abundant blessings, Emma :0))

  5. Kimm Bryant says:

    Hi Cindy, I just ran across a note from you that I carry in my Bible. I almost cried when I saw your website.
    I would love to catch up with you when you have time.

    Miss you, Kimm Bryant

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