Pause the Panic


“This is your Father you are dealing with, and he knows better than you what you need. With a God like this loving you, you can pray very simply.”
Matthew‬ ‭6:7 MSG

Panic is defined as sudden uncontrollable fear or anxiety. When you experience it, it makes you want to do something to solve whatever it is that is causing the panic. Very rarely is that action wise or right (unless it is getting you away from a dangerous physical situation and it gets you out of there).

All kinds of things can cause panic to rise within you and when it does, I am going to ask you to wait.

To pause.

To breathe.

To pray.

To go to God first instead of trying to immediately fix it.

When you go to God with your panic, he knows what to do and what needs to be done.

He knows how to calm your heartbeat and clear your mind.


Because he is your Father and he knows you. He knows why it is happening and why you are responding to it that way.

He also knows how to lead you down the right path, not just the first one that presents itself.

He knows if there is a higher way, a better way or a healthier way to deal with it.

Pause the panic and pray.

It doesn’t have to be a long prayer to be a powerful one. Your Father in heaven loves you and knows what even a one-word prayer like “help” means.

Prayer trumps panic every time.

What is causing you to panic right now?
What does pausing the panic and praying instead of reacting look like to you?

2 thoughts on “Pause the Panic

  1. Brooke says:

    Sometimes you can do this and sometimes you can’t. I’ve been in the midst of panic attacks, thinking I was literally dying.. and yes I prayed but I couldn’t just pause the panic. I think that sometimes we can take a step back and pray but sometimes it’s not that easy!

    • cindygrasso says:

      I totally agree, Brooke. Panic attacks are no joke and PTSD is not fixed with a pat answer. In my short post, I am more talking about those moments that cause me to try to fix things myself rather than go to God to do it His way. SInce I have raised my hand and acknowlegded​ that I am a control freak, this more about pause that desire to control something or someone and go to Jesus instead. Thank you so much for this comment and your heart in it. I so appreciate it this very valid point.

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