Retreat to Advance


The word “retreat” is a military term. It means to get off the battlefield, to quit fighting, back out and regroup.

Prayer is often a retreat.

A time to take a step back.

Flee the battlefield.

Regroup, reassess, restrategize and recover.

“May God look you full in the face and make you prosper”.

Numbers 6:26 MSG

The word for “prosper” in the original Hebrew is “shalom” and often translated as peace. It is a peace that comes after the conflict, it is a quietness after the chaos and at its core, it means the type of wholeness that comes after being broken.

Fighting the battle when you’re exhausted, wounded and discouraged never works.

Are you exhausted, wounded, or discouraged? 

Then it is time to retreat. 

To take a step back, find a quiet place with God so He can repair what is broken, remind you of His purpose and arm you with His vision to fight the battle before you.

My prayer for you today is that you would get off the battlefield and allow God to look you full in the face and love you until you feel whole. 

Jesus has given you full access to God’s presence.

Enter in and rest.

He is waiting for you.


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