When you are ready to be obedient, get ready to feel discouraged.

Whenever you get ready to grow, get ready for the opposition.

God doesn’t numb our emotions or take away our humanity- he allows us to feel discouraged, feel defeated, feel downcast. He doesn’t take away our humanity but what He does is give us His power.

He challenges us to not make our obedience contingent on our emotions.

He asks us to “do it afraid”. To walk forward in faith.

To fight the battle that rises up and fight all the way through to victory.

“Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power.”
Ephesians 6:10 NIV

I love that there is a “finally” here. After all the instructions on relationship wisdom that comes before this verse, Paul has the final word you need: be strong in The Lord and in His mighty power. This means to receive strength from Him, to be endowed with it, to allow God’s mighty power to infuse your soul with strength.

You are in a battle. It is a battle you cannot win but one that has been won for you. It is a battle waged against you and the Word of God reigning in your world. God does not remove you from the battle or remove the battle from you: He fits you with His own weapons and says “FIGHT!”

Finally– when you are at the end of yourself, you are ready to really begin. BE INFUSED with His mighty power. If you are feeling weak and discouraged- you are in just the right place to receive His strength.

Be Strong!

2 thoughts on “Infused

  1. Heather Roberts says:

    My husband, family and I are headed out on a weekend mission trip bringing a 20 foot truck of gathered supplies and helping with projects this weekend for a center designed to help heal women from trafficking. You had better believe we are hitting some opposition.

    Resting in His mighty power. Excited to see His miracles and provisions.

    We are currently praying for a company to release scratch and dent refrigerators at a reasonable price and toilets.

    Partnering with an awesome power house youth group team please pray for their safety as well.

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