Small Sentences

Hello my friend, have time for some coffee? This cup is brought to you from the Origianal Pancake House in Rocklin, Ca. I loved going there with my husband for breakfast dates or celebrating with family who came to visit or getting pancakes with the boys or meeting with a friend to catch up.

I’ve been thinking lately about how small things can be big difference makers.

Things like small sentences:

Don’t give up.

I forgive you.

I love you.

I miss you.

Pray for me.

Go for it.

You matter.

Forgive me.

Let go.



Which sentence do you need to say today to someone?

Jesus used small sentences to change people’s lives:
Follow me.

Your sins forgiven.

Stand up and walk.

I am he.

Pray like this.

Be healed.

Which one do you need to hear from Jesus?
Sometimes, the most important things are said (and heard) in the smallest of sentences. Use them, receive them and have a wonderful day. 

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