No Mistake

My friend, you are not where you are by mistake.

You were created with a purpose and equipped with gifts and talents to pursue it.

You are loved by the God who created you and wrapped within His amazing embrace.

There are things that only you can do, there are people in your life that only you can love and touch today.

The circle of your influence begins at your fingertips – those within your grasp today.

One of my favorite moments documented in Jesus’ life is in Marc 10:22. It is the beginning of a conversation with a young man who wanted to know “what more do I need to do” (vs 17). It says that

”Jesus looked at him and loved him.”

He saw him, listened to him, looked at him and loved him right where he was. Before the man obeyed or disobeyed – Jesus loved him for who he was right at that moment regardless of the outcome of their relationship.

Jesus loves you that way and he wants to love others through you that way.

The circle of your influence begins at your fingertips.

That doesn’t mean that your life is easy or comfortable – it means you are valuable right where you are.

You are where you are for a reason and that reason probably has more to do with who you are here to love and less about what you are here to accomplish.

Do you know God loves you regardless of what you do for him?

Who do you need to love like this today?

3 thoughts on “No Mistake

  1. michelle213norton says:

    My hubby is struggling mightily and it’s not easy to love him. I’ve been blessed to see him through different eyes and my love for him is unconditional, beyond anything of which I am capable on my own. Glory be to God!!!

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