Grace Stained Perspective 

Understanding is a powerful thing.

When I understand why someone does something, it helps me to correctly interpret it. If I don’t understand where someone is coming from, I often interpret the circumstance or action according to my past experience.

If my experience is abuse, then I will interpret every action through that lens. If my experience is getting hurt, i will interpret every action through that. If my experience is entitlement, I interpret it through that perspective and so on…

The only true way to gain understanding is to see it through God’s perspective. Our own perspective is skewed and marred with sin. We see the world though sin-stained glasses.

It is as we walk with God that He begins to replace our sin-stained glasses with His grace-stained ones.

“The only accurate way to understand ourselves is by what God is and by what he does for us, not by what we are and what we do for him.” (Romans 12:3 MSG)

It is the trap of the enemy to convince us that the best way to define ourselves or others is by what we are and what we do.

“I am a good person“ and “I work really hard for God – look at all I do for Him!” Or the opposite- “I am only a …,” “I am doing the best I can but I don’t have time to do anything for God. I can’t do much so I must not be much to God“.

Both are illusions and quicksand traps of works that push us away from God and disintegrate our relationship with Him.

Condemnation cannot bring freedom, neither can pride.

The way out?

• Surrender your need for approval for the truth that you already have it from God.

• Surrender your right to interpret yourself and others through your past experiences.

• Surrender you right to be right and ask God for a more powerful thing: His grace stained perspective.

Today, may you see through God’s grace-stained perspective.

May you be unleashed by God’s perspective to give grace to every person placed before you.

May you shake off the chains of condemnation (or pride) and walk in the unlimited resource of the grace of God.

I love to hear from you and appreciate every comment!

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