You are loved. 

Before you did anything to deserve it and before you were aware of it, Jesus loved you.

He came to proclaim it, went to the cross to provide for it, rose again to break through all barriers that would keep you from it and lives in the reality of it every day in heaven at the right hand of God. 

You are loved.

You don’t have to work for it, it is yours.

Abundant life is Christ is not working for God’s love but working from it. 

Are you working for God’s love today instead of working from it? 

What does living loved look like to you? 

One thought on “Loved 

  1. michelle213norton says:

    It’s loving the unlovable. It’s seeing people for who they are, not just what they look like on the outside. It’s having compassion and not grumbling about taxes and supporting all the deadbeats (there are plenty of genuinely needy folks that benefit from our social safety nets!) It’s about not just spending money, but valuable time to get to know people and nourish them eternally (and maybe physically if they need it!) This is a tall order to fill (perhaps impossible) without the Holy Spirit filling us with compassion and moving us to be the hands and feet that we claim to be!!!

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