God Doesn’t Give Up


About a year ago, one of my oldest and dearest friends got a call from her twin brother. He was calling from jail with his third DUI.  Before he even began to talk, she felt God drop a message in her heart for him. She told him that she wasn’t mad at him but that he would keep finding himself in that kind of situation until he realized how much God loves him and until he stopped running from God.  Her beother told her he wanted to change but she had heard that for so long that she didn’t believe him anymore.

But she believed God. 

Today her brother is sober, got involved in Celebrate Recovery and goes to a church he loves. With tears running down her beautiful face she smiled and said, “God doesn’t give up”.

I had tears running down my face as well because in the twenty years we have been friends, I know one of her most fervent prayers  was that her brother would know Jesus like she does. 

Sometimes it takes longer than you want it to but I want to remind you today that God hears your prayers. He doesn’t give up on people. 

You may stop praying about it.

You may have stopped believing it can ever happen.

You may have lost faith in a person knowing that they will never change. 

You may have lost faith in yourself and your own ability to change.

But God doesn’t. 

He doesn’t give up. 

In fact that the Word says in 1 Cor.13:7 “Love never gives up.”


God is not asking you to believe in others or even yourself.

He is asking you to believe Him.

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