Tree By Tree


I was talking to my friend on the phone last week and she shared something that encouraged me so much that I wanted to share it with you (with permission, of course):

“I was looking out my back window into the forest, thinking how beautiful it was.  I was also looking at how dense it was and that I could not see my way through.  It made me think of how often we can not see a way through, but God can.  We don’t even know what is on the other side.  Is there a cliff, an ocean, a valley?

That day on Feb 13th, in Streams in the Desert, the verse was Joshua 17:18.

“The forested hill country will be yours.”  

All I could think about is how?  

It said, “God instructed them (the tribes of Israel) to clear the forest.”

It also stated, “Gain wealth from the terraced slopes that are now hidden by the forests.”

I realized that God was saying to clear the forest it needed to be tree by tree, action by action.  I also loved that by doing this God will bless you with the territory you are discovering.

To gain His will it is tree by tree.

I have been waiting a lot.  So, for me, it meant to take action.  To do!  I can not stay in my camp among the forest waiting while I tend to that.  It is time to knock a few trees down, and as I do, I also realized things will become clearer.  God is going to show me the way.”  – Renee Evans

Maybe you can’t see your way through today and can only see the great forest of discouragement before you.

God is telling us to take hold of His will by taking action and cutting down one tree at a time.

Dealing with one issue at a time.

Reconciling one relationship at a time.

Being obedient to Him one day at a time.

Trusting Him to make a way where you can see no way.

It is time to take back your territory from the enemy tree by tree. To get out of the place you have been camping and begin to take hold of the land God has given you.

Rise up! God has already given you what you need to do it. 

What is the first tree that God is asking you to cut down?

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