How to Get Unstuck

It is easier than you think to get stuck.

To find yourself in a place that you didn’t expect to be

but unable to continue on to the place you are supposed to be.


You are not where you were.

You are not where you should be.

You are stuck somewhere in the middle.


The Lord our God said to us at Horeb,

“You have stayed long enough at this mountain.”

Deuteronomy 1:6 NIV


The children of Israel found themselves in the same situation.  A great shift, a great crisis had arisen and the only life they knew changed.  It was good change but all change is hard. Yes, it was the best thing for their lives but they were about to go into the unknown future with an unknown God. For most of them, they had just met Yahweh. They knew Him from the stories of their ancestors who knew Him.  He was the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The day God defeated the Egyptians in the Red Sea was the day that He began to be their God.  That was the day that there was no going back.

You have come to that place. You came to the crossroads of spiritual crisis and Jesus has become your Savior, not your parents or your friends Savior but your Savior.

The Israelites had been journeying for 40 years and eleven months on a journey that should have taken 11 days. They were stuck on the mountain.  God lead them into the wilderness but He never intended them to live in the wilderness. Before them was the Promised Land. A land for them to conquer, settle in and prosper in. But they were afraid. They saw the giants and established city walls and were discouraged. They only saw the insurmountable obstacles in front of them instead of seeing the unlimited power of their God to overcome those obstacles.

It is easy to see why: the promised land holds fierce battles, starting over and learning new skills (like how to grow your own food. No more mana in the promised land). 

In the life of a Christian, the promised land is living fully in Christ. Taking hold of His promises and living in His power. It means following, obeying and trusting Him in all circumstances. It also means that there will be fierce battles with your flesh (which would rather go back to slavery and assured  of being fed)  starting over again and learning new skills.

It is time for you to go forward.

It is time to leave the mountain you have been stuck on and move on to the life in Christ that has been provided to you by the cross. It cannot be earned but it must be possessed by you through obedience.

How do you get unstuck? Stop listening to your fears and start obeying your God. You have been in this place to long. Get off your mountain. God has more for you, go forward and get it.


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