Deep Waters

I grew up in Southern California and spent a good portion of my childhood chasing waves and collecting shells in the cove and beach at Corona Del Mar. 

When I was feeling brave, I would take the boogie board past the churning foam and attempt to catch a wave. When I did, I was always aware of the riptide. The riptide is a current at the edge of shallows on the beach. It was always out far enough that you couldn’t touch the ground but close enough that you still felt safe. 

That was the scariest part.  If you weren’t careful, the riptide would pull you down the coast and into the deep waters of the ocean without you realizing it. You can’t see your family anymore and you can’t see the “spot” you claimed as your place on the beach. 

Suddenly you are in deep waters.

Far from the people you trust and getting frightfully tired of simply treading water. 

Life has currents of “riptides”. Places that are on just past our ability to keep our feet on the ground but not far enough out to raise a red flag. The enemy loves to use riptides of busyness to lure you away without you even realizing it.

You are busy in the waves of life, just at the point where your toes can’t feel the ground. You begin treading water, enjoying the view. Soon your limbs begin to ache and you realize you are out farther out than you ever intended.

That is when you need to ask for help. 

On the beach, you ask for help from a lifeguard. In life, you ask for help for your Savior, your Lifeguard.

“He reached down from on high and took hold of me; he drew me out of deep waters.”

‭‭Psalm‬ ‭18:16‬ ‭NIV‬‬

There is no shame in raising your hand and signaling you need help. In fact on the beach and in your life, it is vital.

Your life is more important than your pride. 

If you have found yourself in the riptide of life, tired and barely treading water- signal for help.

Your Lord, Jesus Christ himself, is your Lifeguard. He stands ready to reach down and pull you out of those deep waters, set your feet on solid ground and show you the way back.

One thought on “Deep Waters

  1. janethibbard says:

    I thank you for this posting, I am a child of the King. He reached down and pulled me from the pit of despair, PRL!

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