Notes from the Concrete

This is so good- you should read it. Sometimes you need to look at your life from someone else’s perspective so you can see both better.

Thoughts from my Dark Chocolate Layer

*Context for new readers: Friday night I participated in the Moms Sleep Out event for Covenant House NYC (CH is a shelter for homeless youth)*

8am – Any day that starts out from an actual bed, in a home of any size, with indoor plumbing, is a great day. I lingered a little in the shower. I felt the luxury of it – not even the shower (I kept it on the cold side) as much as the option. Additionally, I know that, presumably, my next one will be tomorrow. I know when my next shower will be and I know where my next meals will come from. In fact, I’m looking forward to brunch tomorrow with dear friends.

My life is incredibly privileged.

I carefully folded up two different fleeces of two different weights, and a hoodie – each one for the purpose of a potential layer, but…

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