Modus Operandi = Latin for mode of operation.

What is your M.O. when you are anxious , worried, or stressed?

What is your mode of operation when you begin to fear the future or question your present? 

How about when someone ticks you off? Sometimes anger is triggered by fear.

What about when you get down and your self talk turns negative and harmful? 

What is your M.O.? 

David said: 

When I am afraid, I trust in you. (‭Psalms‬ ‭56‬:‭3‬ NET)

That was his M.O.

Instead of over thinking and over analyzing it, trust God.

Instead of your go-to being a bad habit, you go-to is God and you trust Him.

Instead of imagining a different life, trust God to impact your real life.

God wants to transform your “normal” mode of operation” into a supernatural mode of trusting Him. 

He has provided for it and empowers you to do it. 

Next time fear, in whatever form it presents itself, rises up- take a moment to stop and breath. Then, ask God for his power and trust Him. 

I love to hear from you and appreciate every comment!

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