God Is Not Human

God is not human that He should lie.

He is not a genie for you to make wishes to.

He is not a cosmic force to be used or manipulated.

God is God. Divine, sovereign, omnipresent, all powerful, everlasting, almighty God.

It is easy to attribute human characteristics to God and to create an idea of Him based on who you have known:

He is not your earthy father.
He is not your Christian friend.
He is not the pastor you love or the pastor you don’t love.

He is not human. Humanity was added to divinity when Jesus came to the earth as Savior.

But He has always been Lord, always been God.

He still is.

God is not human, that he should lie, not a human being, that he should change his mind. (‭Numbers‬ ‭23‬:‭19 NIV)

Our trust issues have more to do with who we think God is, rather than the truth of who He is. That is why He will always challenge those false ideas, clarify them and continually, faithfully show you who He is.

“Don’t tell God how big your problem is, tell your problem how big your God is”. – unknown

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