“You have made them a little lower than the angels and crowned them with glory and honor.”
(‭Psalm‬ ‭8‬:‭5 NIV)

All mankind chases after that which is has been lost. The void of God’s bestowed glory and endowed honor to mankind causes all to chase the shadow of what once was to be ours.

It was given by grace -Adam and Eve did nothing to deserve it. It was lost when they exchanged the truth for a lie. Honor usurped by shame and a knowledge of glory replaced by the fear of nakedness.

We know it still: imbedded shame instead of endowed honor, naked insecurity instead of received glory.

We run from it but get nowhere.

We run from shame and insecurity and try, try, try to find and possess honor and glory. We try man’s version- fame, validation, identity, self esteem. We cover up our naked awareness of not being enough with continual pursuit of achievement in art, career, relationships.

We crave honor and demand it from each other: respect me, love me, tell me that I am special, look what I can do, see what I have done, recognize who I am- a mother, a father, a spouse, a girlfriend, a boyfriend, a son, a daughter.

We know the emptiness of the pursuit. Temporary satisfaction only leads to empty depression when you’ve done all you can and still feel ashamed and insecure. Hopelessness runs rampant as the undercurrent of our lives and we settle into believing this is a a good as it gets.

But it is NOT.

Christ has redeemed that which was lost.

He made himself a little lower than the angles so he could become the sacrifice the black hole of sin required.

He consumed the hopelessness, shame, insecurity, the relentless fruitless pursuit of self satisfaction along with evil released through it when He laid himself down on wood planks of the cross. He bore its weight and allowed the torment of it to ravage him until he cried out, “My God, my God- why have your forsaken me?”

He took it all.

He took our fallen identity and it’s
consequences so He could give us a new identity along with it’s consequences: the restoration of God’s glory and honor.

Any identity outside of Christ falls short. All attempts to create our own glory and honor only fuel the great emptiness inside us that consumes everything we throw at it like a black hole.

Are you in Christ? Have you been identified with his death as well as live in the light if his life?

Then you have been crowned.

You have been crowed with honor and glory. You already possess that which you seek. Shame has been replaced by honor, insecurity replaced by glory.

Past tense.

I know there are days we still believe the enemy’s the lie- that we have to earn it. Adam and Eve didn’t earn it, neither did you. It has been given to you by grace.

You do not earn it, you receive it.
You do not achieve it, you live it.
You do not need to search for it, you need to walk in it.

Your honor has been restored by Christ and your glory is to live the truth of it.

You are crowned.


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