Where To Look


My eyes are ever on the Lord, for only he will release my feet from the snare. (Psalm 25:15 NIV)

There is a point in your life when you realize that God is the only one who can release you. He didn’t get you in this predicament (you probably did that yourself) but he will help you get out of it. Usually a snare is set by someone else and you get caught in it. It hurts. It’s frustrating. It can almost become crippling.

“The one who hurt you, can’t heal you” is a phrase I have said many times to hurting hearts who have been betrayed and hurt by loved ones. We think that if we hear the words “I’m sorry” from them, then we will be okay. It is a nice thing, but you don’t need the cooperation from the one who hurt you to be healed from the hurt. In fact, God is the only one who can heal your heart. He made it and can remake it after it has been shattered.

Where are your eyes? If they are anywhere else but on The Lord, you will be disappointed and are going to feel like you are going in circles and getting nowhere.

Look to The Lord.

Keep your eyes on Him.
He will release you from the snare and heal the wound it caused.
It takes time, but He is faithful to finish what He starts.


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