New Way Out


I drove into San Francisco with my husband yesterday morning. After a delightful day in the city, we began to drive out of the city.

But was many people have discovered, it is a lot easier to drive into San Francisco than it is to drive out of it. Especially for those of us who don’t know how. Every street was new to us, we didn’t know where it went or where it might lead.

After feeling like we were going in circles, we pulled up iMaps on the phone and plugged in the audio to come through the radio. Soon a new route was made and directions were given to us.

We obeyed the voice and turn by turn onto unknown streets, we began to exit the city. We trusted that if we followed the directions, we would get to were we wanted to be: home.

If I lived in the city, it wouldn’t have been such a mystery on how to get out. I would have followed the roads I knew, the ones I would always take. But I don’t live there. It is new territory for me and because of it, I depended heavily on iMaps voice.

That is exactly what we do in life: when were are in a new area where we have no experience, we lean heavily on the guidance of God to show us how to go. But in the areas we know, we do what we have always done and take the roads we have always taken. It’s like saying “that is okay God, I’ve got this- I know the rules, I know the ways, I will get out of this in my own”.

The problem is when you surrender your life to God and ask him to make you a new creation- it is ALL new.

He has ways you don’t know about and places to take you that you have never been. He can only take lead you in or lead you out if you are listening to his voice and leaning on his knowledge.

“But now, by dying to what once bound us, we have been released from the law so that we serve in the new way of the Spirit, and not in the old way of the written code.” (Romans 7:6 NIV)

If you want to learn a new way to live, you must let your old way to live die.

You must obey the voice of God and follow him turn by turn onto unknown paths. He will lead you. You must let your “rules” die and trust that if you follow the new directions that God gives you every day will get to where he wants you to be.

Any place in your life where you find yourself doing what you have always done- stop. Ask God for new directions, a new way out and then listen to his voice then follow it.


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