I Thought I Would Be Better At This


I thought I would be better at this parenting thing. I went to parenting workshops, paid attention to all the parenting advice neatly tucked in to Sunday sermons and Wednesday Bible studies. I took lots of notes and read lots of books. I imagined how great a mom I would be for years and years before my first bundle of joy was handed into my exhausted arms, followed 22 months later by my second bundle of joy.

All my notes, books and expectations went right out the window somewhere between colic and the blur of feeding, changing, sleeping, cleaning, rinse and repeat.

It has been over a decade now and I’m entering the woods of teenagedom with my two handsome boys and every now and again, I still feel the sting of the expectation/reality thing.

When it happens, I try to embrace God’s grace for my reality. Which is much better than living in a “not happened yet (and ridiculously perfect) fantasy.

You are made to live your purpose in the real world not live a “perfect” life in a dream one. Wake up, grab onto God grace and get to living your life.

“We’re depending on God; he’s everything we need. What’s more, our hearts brim with joy since we’ve taken for our own his holy name. Love us, God, with all you’ve got— that’s what we’re depending on.” Psalm 33:20-22 MSG

2 thoughts on “I Thought I Would Be Better At This

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