When You Need To The Most


Trusting God is the most difficult when you need to trust him the most.

When everything goes wrong.
When relationships falls apart.
When you or someone you love is sick.
When you are tired.
When you don’t see a way out.
When you feel attacked.
When you feel abandoned.
When you are talking to your complaining teenage son.

Why is it hard? I think it is because we have believed deep down that trusting God means he will make sure nothing bad happens. Somewhere along the line, we begin to see faith as insurance and God as a genie. As long as he does what I want and makes everything perfect- then I will trust him. And if I trust him, his definition of good will be the same as mine.

I trusted in the Lord when I said, “I am greatly afflicted”; (Psalm 116:10 NIV)

I love this verse because it shows us we can speak the truth AND trust God at the same time. And it is a truth shouted throughout Scripture: TRUST God in the midst of your hardest times.

It is when things fall apart and don’t “go our way” that we need to trust God the most. It is the life- line that gives us strength to go through the trial. It is admitting that we don’t have all the answers or know what is going to happen- but God does. And that although we don’t see how we are going to get through, we are trusting God that he will give us what we need to do it.

We are not promised a perfect life or a trial free one. We live in a broken world in bodies that are not made to live forever.

Our hope in God transcends this world and these bodies. God is not a genie for is to command but he is a father who loves his children. He doesn’t deny that life can be brutally difficult but rather promises that we don’t have to go through it alone.

Because when it is the hardest to trust God is when you need to the most.


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