Last Night


This is my front view and the amazing worship team that has ushered in God’s presence. I took this pic this morning because I didn’t take any last night! I totally forgot too.

Thank you so much for praying for me and this retreat. Last night was amazing. What an absolute delight it is to get to be a part of this.

I feel like the preparation of these messages has been a lot like giving birth: it grew inside me for a long time, God did the work, created it and I got to “house” it. Then when it was time, labor kicked in and I had to push through some pain right up until it was time for the delivery.

When I got up to speak, the podium/table I was planning on using was being used for something else. So, I decided to take my Bible up and just preach it. I left my notes, timer (on the phone) and most if all I left my trust in myself and went for it.

I have never preached without notes but I felt God’s power all around me and in me. I didn’t have to look at notes, I have lived them. They are in me. God had burned them into my heart and then poured them out of me.

The altars were full of ladies who responded and wanted God to “take off the veil” that was keeping them hidden and keeping them in bondage.

The place of authenticity is the place of honesty and vulnerability. It was amazing and God showed up here in a powerful way.

Please continue to pray. I feel the covering of your prayers and you are a part of what God is doing here because of it.

Tonight I am going to be ministering “Unveiled Intimacy”. It will be interesting to see what God will do!

6 thoughts on “Last Night

  1. Christine Barrera says:

    Dearest Cindy,
    Thank you for pouring into the lives of us woman. God has Blessed you with a very special annointing, that brings the truth of His Love,Grace, Mercy…and Power that penetrates so deep into our souls.
    Your genuine humility to share about your own struggles, really helped encourage me to look within, and to help take off those veils that i didnt realize were there.
    This retreat was by far the most personally spirit filled time I have ever spent away… Becuase His HOLY Spirit was Loosed…
    Thank You Jesus!!
    ** I read the little book you wrote(Unfinished Masterpiece) and have already shared it with a few friends this past week..and made sure they returned it back to me :).
    WOW Cindy- I am so Grateful, it is so profound… I cannot stop Praising God as I have “Layed My Dream’ on the Alter… I am giving it to Holy God as a sacrafice…. I am trusting an waiting, because HE WILL PROVIDE!
    Prayers- Thanks – Blessings
    Sincerely your Sister in Christ,
    Christine Barrera

    • cindygrasso says:

      Thank you so much for your wonderful encouraging words! What a treasure the whole experience was at that Retreat. The presence of God was palatable and powerful. The work He does through the truth of His Word just blows my mind. Blessings to you and all who you have touched- Cindy G.

  2. Carol Shiells says:

    Cindy Thank you for sharing. Stepping out into faith God always see’s and rewards. May God continue to bless you ministry . Carol

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