Small Touches


Small touches. So much is communicated through small touches. A reassuring pat of the hand. A hug. A gentle tug on the elbow of someone who you want closer. Holding a hand. A small touch can make a bad thing okay, an okay thing good and make a good thing great.

Small touches are difference makers in a relationship, in a life. They are the first thing we unconsciously give and they are the first thing that we unconsciously withhold. When we struggle, we when are angry, when we are hurt, we withhold the small touches. Then pretty soon, we have forgotten how important they are to us and to those we love.

Small touches are always at the beginning. It is in the middle and end of things that they are forgotten and desperately needed. Wherever you are at in any of your relationships it might be a small touch will make a difference. Don’t worry about starting big- start with the small.

What small touch do you need to receive?

What small touch do you need to give?


2 thoughts on “Small Touches

  1. dawnpringle says:

    I’m a touchy, feel-y kind of person. I’m a hugger. I am a person who needs a daily touch, a hand hold, a hug that makes me feel significant. Is that bad? It could be, but I know that I never turn down a hug or touch from someone I know and love.

    • cindygrasso says:

      Dawn, sorry it has taken so long to respond! Of course, it isn’t bad- we are all made to express and receive affection differently. Knowing that about yourself is a treasure and understanding what others need is too. I think we all need it, it just takes some of us longer to understand that we do.

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