I got a text yesterday from a former student who is in South Korea serving in the Armed Forces. How blessed I am to still be a voice in her life even when she is half a word away. For this, I love technology. She was writing me to let me know how much yesterday’s blog encouraged her and ended her text with these words:

” I know I will still have frustrations with it but I know that I can overcome them with God in my life”.

What I love about her (so many things ) and her statement is the understanding that we will “still have frustrations”. God doesn’t take away our humanity or our emotions but He gives us His Word and His power to deal with them. We are not going to wake up one day and be “free” from all the emotions that we don’t want to feel. But everyday that we walk with God, He teaches us how to work through them, deal with them in a healthy way and walk in His truth instead of the enemies lies.

I am working on getting my book “Points On Perspective” ready for publishing and was working yesterday on Point #4:

From God’s perspective my thoughts are more important than my feelings”

It reminded me that the real battle of our lives is fought on the battlefield of the mind.

“The soldiers in this spiritual battle fight fiercely with the weapons of thoughts. Satan is the father of lies and he is the general the enemy forces. He speaks in lies as if it was his native tongue and he directs the princes of darkness under him to do the same. Their weapons are thoughts filled with lies, seeking to kill, steal and destroy the mind. Often the enemy will use our own thoughts our own memories or past thoughts established in our “old life” to sabotage the “abundant life” in Christ Jesus.

Our Father in heaven in Heaven is the general of the allied forces and His weapon is truth. Ultimate, complete and powerful words of truth. His weapon, the one that is divine and demolishes strongholds is His Word – His Thoughts.

What is our part in this battle? I believe that we are to be guards at the gate. We are to command every thought to stop before it continues on. To identify itself as friend or foe. Those thoughts that are from God will be allowed to pass through to the camp of mediation. Those thoughts that are from the flesh or lies from the enemy, they are to be handcuffed, gaged and taken captive to sit in the jail house of Jesus: Obedience Hall.”

Cindy Grasso
Points on Perspective, pg 68

“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. “(Romans 12:21 NIV)

Living an overcoming life in Christ means that we feel the emotions, but choose what thoughts we meditate on.

Our emotions are not guides, they are signals.
They tell us where we are at, not where we should go.

Feel the emotion all the way through.
Check your thoughts.
Choose what you meditate on.
Choose to meditate on the truth.

You have be re-created in Christ and that means: you are made (re-made) to live an overcoming life.

My prayer for you today is that you are able to recognize and live it fully, freely and are filled with overwhelming joy and thanksgiving .


I love to hear from you and appreciate every comment!

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