Fear is the nagging worry hunting down your joy.
It is the heart stopping uncertainty of the unknown.
Fear is the lie that we believe to be true,
The False Evidence AppearingReal.

Fear suffocates and sabotages our relationships.
It undermines our confidence and often distracts us from our purpose.
Whether your fears are big or small, they effect your life.

And the biggest fear of all is fear of death.
Every other fear pales in comparison to it.

God took care of this one first and sent His Son to pay the penalty of sin- death. To offer forgiveness to those who don’t deserve it. He laid it all down and took my sin upon himself. I don’t fear death anymore because Jesus died. I have accepted His gift of eternal life, eternity spent in the bosom of the Holy One. I ask God to help me face and conquer my fears because Jesus lives. He rose from the grave. He is my ever present help in trouble.

God took care the big one first. Then He spoke words, “Do not fear” over 365 times in the Word. He knows that fear will effect our lives as long as we live on this earth. But He doesn’t take what we fear away- He gives us the courage to overcome it.

A friend of mine who was paralyzed by crippling fear after years of abuse by her husband, told me that the day she was set free from it was when she heard the Lord tell her to “Fear Me more than you fear fear.”

God’s power is unlimited.
Fear God more than you fear your fear.

The only way to truly be free from fear is to put it in the right perspective: next to God.

Next to my powerful God,what I fear is powerless.

He freed me from all my fears.”
(Psalms 34:4)

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