Drumroll, please.

Hello, my friend,
I have some exciting news today.
For the very first time, Unfinished Masterpiece is now available on Amazon Kindle!


And iBooks!


Would you look at that!

Hopefully, it will be the first of many books coming your way. There are so many wonderful reasons that I am so excited to get it out there in your hot little hands. The top reason being that I am praying it ministers to you. I love that even though most of you are in other states and even other countries that we can “sit down” together, have a cup of coffee (a Kleenex box near by, of course), and share what God is doing in our lives.

The second reason is so God can minister through you. Now it is a resource for you to use when you minister to your friends and family. I am also working on putting together a ” gift set” with a paperback copy of the book, the cd with the audio book on it and a book mark for those of us who have people in our lives who look at us like we are speaking a different language when we use words like “e-book store and digital copy”. They would like the “real thing” please. I want them to have it too. I am hoping to have it available in early November.

The last reason I am so excited to get it “out there” is to have the opportunity for it to land in someone’s hands I don’t know and have God use it however He wants to . I need your help with this. I would be blessed beyond belief it you would take a minute and rate it with a review on whichever e-book store you use. It is these rating and reviews that give a book the opportunity to be seen by people who don’t know me from Adam (or Eve). We priced this little jewel of a story at .99 cents so that it would be accessible to everyone.

After the retreat in August, I received many wonderful verbal testimonies about Unfinished Masterpiece and this one was left in my comments on this blog:

“I am moved by your words and voice and so glad that I was able to attend your session at the Women’s Retreat this last weekend on “Unfinished Masterpiece-Not Forgotten”. I am strong in my faith and love the Lord with all my heart but it was made clear that I still had more to lay down on the altar. Thus, ch.2 “The Choice” hit me hard in a good way as I wrote my faith proclamation prayer to the Lord and later knelt down and truly confessed it out and over to my Majesty Lord and Creator. I walked out after the class feeling refreshed and anew”. – Vivian Snyder

Thank you, Vivian! I believe that it is just the beginning of many more testimonies to come. I long to see God’s precious daughters (and sons) be set free to see themselves in the light of God’s unchangeable love for them. It is a powerful moment of transformation and healing.

You know, I can’t say I thought this was going to be the first book I was going to publish. However, I am delighted by it and the blessing it has already been in peoples lives. I have had lots of plans the past couple of years, but the whole point of this has been to glorify God with my words and draw people to Him. Then, get out of the way and let God move.

Because when God moves, lives change.

I know that you are jumping up and down with me and are as excited as I am to see what God will do through this as I am. Let’s celebrate – pause for happy dance here – and give Him all the glory and praise!

3 thoughts on “Drumroll, please.

  1. Shelly says:

    Cindy Lee!!!! So excited as I see/read what God is doing! Thank you for being faithful in writing! Can’t wait to get my copy! Love you and praying for you and your beautiful family.

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