Brain Dead Thursday

In the midst of flying glowing frisbees and hundreds of glow sticks taped on students last night, I found myself walking around in the darkness managing crisis, drama and an over exaggerated bloody nose (it was NOT a gusher, in fact- I didn’t actually see any blood although it was dark).

All in all, Game Night at the Hub was a success highlighted by the glow in the dark Tron Disk Wars and topped off with free pizza for everyone at the end.

In a few minutes, I will be entering staff meeting and I am asking myself:

1). Whose idea was it to move staff mtg to Brain Dead Thursdays? Was it my idea?

2). How am I going to contribute anything of value to staff if I am brain dead?

3). Should I be writing this blog in said state?

It is when I am tired and throughly spent that discouragement can easily muscle itself through the unguarded doors of my heart and mind. I more readily agree with it’s obvious negativity and snide underhanded tactics.

I know this. It doesn’t make it easier to deal with. Still, in recognizing this self evident truth, I put in place the much needed “grace clause“.

Which means:
1). Give yourself more grace today.
2). Give more grace to those close to you today as well as anyone you interact with.
3). Don’t make any major decisions today.
4). Move away from discouragement- it is not your friend.
5). Lean not on your own understanding but in all things acknowledge God.
6). Lean on God.
7). Do something that makes you smile and maybe even laugh.

The grace clause changes according to the needs of the day. The grace
doesn’t change but how to apply it may.

May your day not be brain dead and may you shoot up prayers of mercy and grace to be poured out on me whenever I cross your much more alive brain today.

I love to hear from you and appreciate every comment!

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