There is Nothing Left…

As I reached to turn out the light and surveyed the now dark and quiet empty room, the thought ran through my mind, “There is nothing left.” Every tissue box had been picked up, the sound system and air conditioning turned off and the room looked as if nothing had happened there. But so much had. In that moment a swell of emotion came over me and I went back to the place I had designated as the altar, the place where so many wonderful ladies had freely come to lay down their burdens before. I stood there and wept. There was nothing left. I had given everything I had and laid it all out there. What God did there in that place filled my heart with overwhelming gratitude. God used the words of my journey to open hearts and then through prayer healed them. His presence was thick in the room and powerful in the lives of His precious daughters. Testimonies are trickling in of the burden lifting, bondage breaking encounters with the living God that came through this simple story.

For me, it was a new level of vulnerability and such a different way to lay out God’s healing words. More than a step of faith, it felt like flying leap. The feeling reminded me of the days when we would go to Lake Mead outside Vegas and jump off the cliffs. I would stand at the edge with my heart pounding, look down at the water that seems like an impossible distance away and then before I lost my nerve, jumped. You just have to go for it and as soon as you do, the air rushes by and moments later the dark blue water suddenly surrounds you. You are caught in the depths for a few fleeting moments before you kick your way to the surface. Saturday afternoon I took the leap and was caught in the depths of God’s grace and healing love for His daughters. It was a thrillingly sweet experience.

After it was all over, I stood in the midst of a quiet empty room holding an empty box of supplies and wept. I gave everything I had to give and there was nothing left. There is nothing better.

Unfinished Masterpiece is a short story that will have a long reach. I know I only gave you a glimpse of it last week. After seeing the impact, I am excited to get it available online soon. If you were there this weekend and experienced it first hand- I would love to know what God did in you through it. Leave a comment here or message me on Facebook.

Have an amazing day, my friend. Whatever God asks you to do today- go for it. Take a leap and give it everything you have. It is the sweetest offering you can give.

8 thoughts on “There is Nothing Left…

  1. jenyarbrough says:

    I was blessed to see you SHINE with the power of the work that God has done in you, is doing through you and is going to do through you! Proud of you for taking those steps, He sees your willingness and the reward is already coming. ❤

    • cindygrasso says:

      Thank you so much, Jen. It was such a pleasure to be a part of what He did at retreat! Your workshop rocked, as it always does and even today words you spoke echo in my heart. It is awesome to see how your leadership is allowing the WM to flourish. Love you and so blessed to get to do this with you!

  2. Debbie McLeod says:

    As I’m pretty sure you were aware, at the Sat. eve service, our precious God was ever so present among all of us. I finally felt God nudging on my shoulder. He seemed to be saying “Deb it’s ok now, see it’s now your turn to tell our story. I have your hand now there is no reason to be afraid. Ok let’s now tell our story together.” So as I’m sure aware I let all my feelings and controling and enableing ways all go to God. Everything and all issues going on in

  3. Cari Gruelle says:

    The word “Thank YOU” does not even begin to do justice for how through the Lord you touched my heart!
    Bless you for being vulnerable and taking that leap so that HIS daughters could experience FREEDOM and peace!
    This will forever be tattooed on my heart as a “WOW” moment!
    Cari ❤

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