Morning Ramble

Good morning, my friend.

A good morning it is. I slept all night (I woke up but went back to sleep- victory!). I am not really a morning person or consider myself to be one of “those” people.

Those” people wake up bright and early, launch out of bed and begin their day with energy and optimism. They move confidently with an attitude of gratitude that rockets them through their perfectly ordered and productive lives.

I wake up dull and early, crawl out of bed slowly and begin my day by feeding the cat to shut her up. Then I groggily stumble around the kitchen trying to be quiet as a I make my morning cup of coffee. It isn’t that hard now, we have a Keurig. Then my fuzzy mind begins to clear as I sit and sip and stare at the wall. I quietly drink my coffee until my mind begins to form understandable thoughts to direct purposefully toward gratitude as they naturally tend to slip toward grumpy.

Other people would say that I am quiet in the morning. I would say that I am merciful and saving them from the mindless grump that attempts to emerge.

The boys begin school next week and I will have to either get up earlier or forgo the staring at the wall whilst sipping the morning brew. Instead, I will be trying to move them through the morning routine with the hope that they themselves will emerge from it fed, clean and ready to be successful students. This is when I really wish I was one of “those” people. Oh well. I will just have to do my best- good thing I believe God answers prayer.

If you are one of “those” people, please don’t take offense. I am actually jealous of you and really believed that I would grow up to be you. If your morning personality falls on my side of the bed, welcome- I so get you. My advice? I have none. I am not done staring at the wall.

Out of curiosity- who are you when you emerge from the long (or short) sleep of night?


One thought on “Morning Ramble

  1. Denice says:

    Oh, I am a grouch in the morning. It takes me about 1/2 hr. to wake up. I have gotten a lot better over the years because my husband and my daughter are both morning people.

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