The Red Hot What If’s?

I have spent the last three days cleaning my closet, not metaphorically (although the metaphorical closet needs a clean up too) but in reality. It was a mess and I could hardly get more than a few steps into our beautiful walk-in closet. It is so sad, I just throw stuff or store stuff on the floor until I can find a place for it (which is code for never until I do the dirty and clean it out).

I pulled out my Pinterest App for inspiration and unfortunately none of it applied. Darn it. So then I went in and stood in the middle of the mess for about 5 minutes trying to figure out where the heck to I start? Then I got a brilliant idea and decided to pretend it was someone else’s closet (like I was a host on one of those shows on HGTV) and I “re-imagined ” it. I proceeded to empty the entire closet out. Once it was empty of shoes and shirts, pants, skits and workout clothes, along with the everyday fodder that collects there, it was a much easier to see the potential. It still took me a minute to start fresh (not remember where I had put things before). I decided to move my husbands clothes to a different wall entirely and things got moving. Soon (hours and hours and hours later.…) I had everything in it’s perfect place and the closet looked amazing.

The problem is now I had a room FULL of stuff that didn’t fit in my now organized closet. The fun is over and the real work begins: going through the leftovers. The “doesn’t fit anymore“, the “I haven’t worn it in forever” and the “there is no place for except the garage but that is just too far away” stuff. That it is when I have to ask myself the hard questions: “Do I REALLY need this?“, “I needed this once, will I need it in the future?” and finally the dreaded conclusion of “If I don’t need this, have not used it and have no place for it- why am I keeping it!?

Brutal honesty and a little “don’t be a hoarder” pep talk is needed at this time.

Let. It. Go.

There is nothing easy about this process. Feelings of fear sweep in along side of the Red Hot “What If’s”.

“What if I do need this in the unforeseen future?”
“What if I find out I am miserable without this?”
“What if I bitterly regret giving this to the Goodwill, find it there and have to buy it back?!?”
“What if I have to pay for it again and don’t have the money?”
“What does this conversation that I am having with myself say about me?”
“What if, what if, what if…”

The Red HotWhat If’s.”
They keep my closet cluttered.
They keep my mind unfocused.
They sabotage my diet – “What if this is the LAST time, I can have chocolate…EVER!!?!?

Okay, one thing at a time…let’s just finish the closet.

I had to squarely look my Red HotWhat If’s” in the face.
I was brutally honest and maybe even a little stern with them.
I resolutely responded to the Red HotWhat If’s?” with Ever GreenWhat If’s?”:

“What if I trust that I will have what I need when I need it?”
“What if I believe that if I really need something, I can get it?”
“What if I regret giving you up- and live?”
“What if the stress goes down because I have limited my choices to only things I truly love?”
“What if I actually wear my favorite outfits instead of settling for the ones I’m always comfortable in but don’t do me any justice?”
“What if by saying goodbye to clutter, I embrace simplicity and love it!?!”

The EvergreenWhat If’s?“are a friendlier lot.
I should apply them to more areas of my life.

Who knows?
I cleaned out my closet.
Anything is possible.


6 thoughts on “The Red Hot What If’s?

  1. Bonnie says:

    Thank you for your inspiration perhaps tomorrow I will tackle my two closets. My daughter’s baby is due in December and I have taken over that closet. I just don’t want it to sneak up on me.

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