Delayed in Dallas

I am sitting in a quiet corner of the Dallas/Fort-worth Airport on a soft seat with a useless power outlet next to it. Halfway home from my East Coast Excursion and the flights have been delayed all day. My first flight from Philly was delayed 2 hours and this one from Dallas to Sacramento is delayed four hours. It is the weather as the planes are skirting storms and such. So I am sitting in the airport thinking about delays.

I can’t remember where I read it or who said this, but the statement that comes to mind is:

“Delayed obedience is disobedience”.

The reason I remember it so well is that my personality lends itself to the analysis of everything. I am not an impulse buyer and I am not an impulse obedeincer. I know that is not a word, but it should be. Early on in my walk with God, I was challenged to learn to hear His voice speak to my heart and challenged to obey when it moved me to action. But I would not. I would analyze, do a pro and con list, think about it, debate it and so on.

However, on most things, when the Lord prompts you to do something it is because you need to move on it. Do it. Step out in faith. Very often, whatever He is prompting you to do is for someone else’s good and has a time limit. The opportunity will be missed.

I have worked hard at listening for His prompts and moving on them. When it lines up with God’s Word and helps someone else, really, how much do you need to analyze it? Worst case scenario is someone feels cared for and loved.

Being delayed in Dallas isn’t so bad. It only means that it will take a while longer to get home to my family. Being delayed in obedience costs a lot more- fear gets a stronger foothold in my heart and whomever was going to be blessed by it misses a divine intervention.


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