Something Better Than Coffee

There is something better than coffee in the morning. Something you need more than caffeine to get you going. It is more energizing than a good skinny vanilla latte and you can’t pick it up at Starbucks.

It is hope in God.

Hope in God can change everything. It can change your perspective, attitude and energy level.

In your to do list, at your job and in your home – make room for God. Push the stress away, shove the overwhelming avalanche of all that must be done and make room for hope like you are pushing a pile of laundry away to have a place to sit on your bed. Hope found in prayer, nested in presence of God and poured into your heart by Him changes you.

When you make room for hope, you are making room for God to come in and do what you can’t. You are filling your soul with a shot of encouragement that will energize you to clear off the bed, your to do list, and walk in your world as a hope dealer.

Yes, hope is better than coffee to help you navigate your day.
When I pushed away the problems for a few minutes to worship the God who can do more than I could ask or imagine, joy rushed in wrapped me up in hope and moved me forward.

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