Teach ‘Em Right

One of Dr. Phil’s most famous sayings is “You teach people how to treat you”. What a novel idea. Well, it was new to me years ago when I first heard it.

It backs up the principle that people will treat you according to how you treat yourself. If you walk all over yourself, so to speak- so will others. If you respect yourself, so will others.

There is a word picture at the end of Proverbs 31 speaking of a woman of great value:

“Her children arise and call her blessed;
her husband also, and he praises her:”
(Proverbs 31:28 NIV)

Your children will call you blessed only if you already feel that way yourself. Your husband also will say wonderful things about you, if you receive them, believe them and walk in them.

I have this verse on my kitchen window seal to remind me that it is up to me to choose my attitude. To count my blessings and wear this knowledge like a fine garment. Now, don’t get the wrong picture in your head about me. I don’t “arise” with an annoyingly happy attitude, lol. I am a quiet morning person in a loud house. What I am reminding myself of when I glance at these words is that I am blessed. But it is up to me to show it in my face, attitude and words. You know it is those closest to you that get the grumpy, complaining, irritated side of your personality. But here in Prov. 31: 28, I am reminded that it is these very precious ones that need to see what I believe about myself and my the most. They are affected by it the most.

Teach em right- begin to treasure yourself, respect yourself and love yourself today. You are a blessed, beautiful woman (or a blessed handsome dude). Put that knowledge on like your favorite shirt and watch those around you be blessed by it.

I love hearing from you and am blessed my every single comment! Have a wonderful day, my friend!!


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