Page One

A blank page means different things to different people.

It can be frightening- “What am I going to put here, how do I begin?”

It can be freeing- “I can start over, begin again, a fresh start with unlimited possibilities.”

More likely, it is both.

In this blog post from, I was inspired by the realization that God created the world from nothing- a black muddy soup- and that He desires to create new things in my life from nothing. How can you step out in confidence in the brand new things God is calling you to?


“This is what God does, He creates. On page one, God’s Spirit hovered over the void of nothing and created something. This alone should bring us great hope and build our faith because it shows that us that the only thing needed for new creation is God’s desire to do so.”

It isn’t a long blog but I hope that it has long impact. Click here to read the rest of it.

It is Good Friday. The day I celebrate that the penalty of my sin was paid for. The day that Jesus died so I may live in the full potential of God’s power and grace. The day that Jesus said, It is finished so I can say “It is just beginning”.

I am loving all your comments, you don’t know how much each one is encouraging and blessing me. Thank you! I hope you have a wonderful Easter Celebration filled with family, food and fellowship with your risen Savior!


4 thoughts on “Page One

  1. Skeeter Britton says:

    Your post lifted my heart this afternoon. Love this—“The only thing needed for new creation is God’s desire to do so.”

    Makes me think of this–‎”Our Lord has written the promise of resurrection, not in books alone, but in every leaf in springtime.” ~Martin Luther

    xo Skeeter

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