Subtle discouragement can be just as devastating to your life as the knock-you-on-your-butt kind (it will just take longer). I have been struggling with this sneaky kind of discouragement all week.

It is not enough to make me stop but enough to make me postpone. If I continue down this path I will postpone myself right into nothingness. I will be stuck in the same place, going nowhere. Not going back but certainly not going forward. Expending energy but not enough energy to break through the next barrier. I can feel the pressure building up but instead of it propelling me forward I am p…r…o…c…r…a…s…t…i…n…a…t…i…n…g.

Am I alone in this? Can all my procrastinators raise your hands?

I came across this verse a couple of days ago:

“Barricade the road that goes Nowhere; grace me with your clear revelation. I choose the true road to Somewhere, I post your road signs at every curve and corner.” (Psalm 119:29, 30 MSG)

For me, the barricade is obedience. The “do- it-afraid“, & “do- it- whether you feel it or not” kind of obedience. Get off your tush and do what you know you are supposed to do kind.

But I need more than just determination, I need clear revelation. I need to know the root of this subtle self sabotage. I need to know what is holding me back, what lie I am agreeing with? That is what holds us back- a lie believed as truth. I don’t need to know exactly what it is to go forward, in fact, by going forward, I will most likely discover it.

Therefore, I choose. I choose to go forward with what I know and have faith that God will reveal what I don’t know. I choose the true road to Somewhere.

As I take one step at a time, one task at a time, I need to post God’s road signs at every corner. Reminders of where I am going and that I am headed in the right direction. Why at the corners? Because that is where I can lose sight of the vision, get discouraged because I don’t seem to headed the right way.

Have you ever been on a road trip, make a turn but feel like you going in the wrong direction? Then you check the map to find that, yes, you will get to your destination after a few twists and turns. All you have to do is trust the map, follow the directions- you will get there.

It is the same in life: Trust God, follow His direction and you will get there. Post signs on the way- scriptures, quotes or just words to keep you headed in the right direction.

I walked into my friend’s kitchen and saw this chalkboard in a gorgeous frame. She told me that it used to be a mirror but it broke. So she got chalkboard paint and painted it in. A great idea and great scripture. I am stealing both, lol.

I pray that today finds you on the road walking towards God’s purpose. But if discouragement has been dragging you down, I pray that you will find the encouragement here to get moving.

I would love to know what your favorite scriptures, quotes, or words of encouragement that keep you moving forward. Leave me a comment and let me know!



7 thoughts on “Roadsigns

  1. dawnpringle says:

    Mrs. McMichael has to remind me of this, but I love it:

    The LORD says, “Forget what happened before, and do not think about the past. Look at the new thing I am going to do. It is already happening. Don’t you see it? I will make a road in the desert and rivers in the dry land.
    Isaiah 43:18-19

  2. Liz says:

    ‘For I know the plans that I have for you,’ declares the LORD, ‘plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope.

    Jeremiah 29:11

    The Lord has been giving this to me at every turn. I hope it encourages every one who reads this as it has encouraged me.

  3. Kristie says:

    “I love you, Lord, you give me strength.” Psalms 18:1 This one of the few verse that I have listed on my wall in my room.

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