The one thing I don’t have to do today

Is earn God’s love.

“The grace of Christ is the only good ground for life. Products named after Christ don’t seem to do much for those who buy them.”(Hebrews 13:9 MSG)

Good ground for my life = the kind whose soil is rich for planting, growing strong, harvesting good fruit. The only good ground for life is the grace of God. All other ground- being good enough, working hard to get acceptance and approval, hoping that your “good” works outweigh your “bad” ones- they are futile and exhausting.

I think the most interesting thing about grace is how energizing it is. How God’s unmerited favor is refreshing to the soul. It is the sweet water of acceptance, the sweet embrace of joy, not because I deserve it but because it is lavishly poured on me.

As a Christ follower I have not bought into an “way of life” but that I have a relationship with “The Way of Life”. I do not follow a list of rules but follow the ruler of all eternity. As a minister, I am not selling an idea, I am making an introduction: “Let me introduce you to my Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ. He loved me before I was lovable and still does whether I am or not. He has paid a high cost for the privilege of having a relationship with you. He has removed all the barriers between you and God. Here, I will let him tell you the rest…”

I have a lot to do today to catch up and get the house (a.k.a. my life) in “working order” after the weekend. But I am glad that one thing I don’t have to do today is earn God’s love. I already have it. I can stand on that ground, rest in that truth, and be free to earn the title of “someone whose house (life) isn’t a complete disaster”.

I pray that whatever you need to get done today, being good enough for God is off your list. In Christ, you already have His acceptance, love, forgiveness, power, freedom and unmerited favor.

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