Toda’s post by Pastor Furtick is so good again that I had to share it with you. I also included the link to his blog so you can sign up for his blog and get it straight from him, if you so desire.


Everyone desires to be in God’s will. But God’s good, pleasing, and perfect will might not look the way you think it should.

We need to clear up what we mean by perfect. Otherwise, we could miss out on God’s will altogether because we’ll be too busy chasing our own daydreams.

Our idea of perfect is perfect to us.
A perfect day to you might mean everything is going the way you think it should go.
A perfect marriage to you might be one that’s easy and stress-free.
A perfect job to you might be one where you’re high on the leadership pyramid and banking loads of cash.

Those aren’t bad things, but they’re not necessarily perfect to God. The point is that what’s perfect to God is also perfect for us. God’s will for you is to become everything He created you to be, so that you might glorify Him the way that He deserves. And that doesn’t necessarily require easy circumstances or perfect conditions.

God’s will doesn’t have to be perfect to me to be perfect for me.

God’s will for Job wasn’t perfect to him. He lost everything. But it was perfect for him. It brought him to a whole new level of faith and positioned him for a double portion of blessing later in his life.

God’s will for Joseph wasn’t perfect to him. He landed in slavery and prison for over a decade. But it was perfect for him. Through him, God saved his family and an entire nation.

God’s will for Paul probably didn’t seem perfect to anyone. Few men have ever suffered so much for the gospel. But it was perfect for him. Few men have ever spread the gospel so vastly in their lifetime.

God’s will for you might not always seem perfect to you. But trust me, His will is perfect for you.

The job you hate right now might not seem perfect to you. The relationship you just lost may not look like God’s perfect will to you. The disease you’re facing certainly doesn’t feel perfect to you.

But through it, God is perfectly developing your character, creating the space you need for the person that God created you to be. And along the way, He’s putting you in position to make Him look greater than ever before.

His will may not be easy, but it’s perfect for you.”

*This post was adapted from Perfect for You, originally posted December 2, 2010.

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