From Worry

-to worship.

Just a whisper of doubt and fear can wedge open the door of worry. Then instead of being focused on all the wonders of your world, the worries of it eclipse your perspective.

Instead of being caught up in worry- throw yourself headlong into worship.

When you worry, you feed your fear.
When your worship, you feed your faith.
When you worry, you are focused on things happening, people failing or your own obvious weakness.
When you worship, you are focused on God’s faithfulness, His goodness, His awesomeness.

The shift happens so quickly. The tightness in your chest releases and opens up. Faith floods in, rises up and overflows.

The things you are worry about might not change today. But changing your focus from worry to worship can dramatically change how you experience them.

“I’ve thrown myself headlong into your arms-I’m celebrating your rescue. I’m singing at the top of my lungs, I’m so full of answered prayers.” (Psalm 13:5, 6 MSG)

When David wrote this, he was in the middle of a battle. He had not seen the rescue or seen his prayers answered yet. But he had decided he was tired of looking at the battle and looked up to God instead. He decided to celebrate the coming rescue, fill his heart with the overflowing gratitude that comes when you see the answer to your prayers. David just didn’t feel like waiting until he saw it- he wanted to celebrate the victory now.

You know, that is one of the things I love about walking with God? He doesn’t mind when I decide to party prematurely. He doesn’t shake His finger at me and say, “You just need to wait, little girl, until you see it with your eyes- then you can celebrate”. No, that is the world’s way. God’s way is to celebrate before the battle is won, say thank you before you get the gift and dance in the jail cell before your are released.

Because the battle has been won,
The gifts are on their way,
The release has already been secured.

It is time to break away from worry and break into worship. Throw yourself headlong in His arms. Worship Him for all He has done, all He will do and most of all – for who He is.

Have a wonderful worshipping day.


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