Today’s Reflection

I am always reflective on Fridays. This Friday morning, the rush of getting the boys to school is done and I am hoping that they both have good days. Kyle has been struggling so much since school started back. Little blue notes sent from his teacher- he is talking too much, poking a pencil in his dry eraser, distracted, not paying attention. I went in a talked to her yesterday and she said that academically he is doing fine, but he is just acting like a space cadet. I know what she is saying- he is acting that way at home too. I ask him to get his shoes on and 5 minutes later he is in his room looking for a toy. I’m used to this with Justin, but not with Kyle. Kyle is growing and eating everything in sight. She is going to move his desk closer to the front and we will see. I hope he has a good day.

Justin went outside to pick up the dog’s poo and stepped in it. It is the second time this week that he hasn’t realized it until he has tracked it in the house. Then he scrambled to put all his stuff in his backpack and it just wouldn’t go in right- stuff went in sideways, fell out, etc. It was that kind of morning for him.

Last night we rented the movie Reel Steel. It is like Rocky for this generation. You should have seen the boys watching it, it was more fun watching them than the movie. They were so into it. Kyle was literally sitting at the edge of his seat captivated and Justin couldn’t sit at all- he was jumping up and down screaming and cheering. We do loud really well. It was so much fun.

We don’t usually rent a movie on a school night but last night I just felt like it. I felt like sitting together in the living room with a fire burning hot in the fireplace and popcorn for all.

This might be part of the why:
A wonderful lady who plays the keyboard in our worship team lost her husband yesterday. No warning, nothing was wrong that they knew of- he was a cop. We are thinking he must have had a heart attack, but really I don’t know. I know that it sudden and unexpected and now her whole world has changed. I had just published yesterday’s blog, “Volcano” when I found out.

On this side of mortality, this loss brings into focus the preciousness of what we have, who we hold. I don’t really know what is on the other side. We have glimpses and promises, a knowledge that there is another side but even with all we know, how can our finite mind understand an infinite eternity? There will be a day I know. A day I will understand. A day I will see God beyond the veil of mortality. I will get it.

Today is not that day for me. Today I see as through a glass dimly, I peer into the mystery of eternity with questions.

Today I deal with dog poo on shoes being tracked in the house and a son whose struggle to pay attention worries me. Instead of it stressing me out, I smile and simply appreciate the life I have.

I am praying for my friend, Lesa Johnson and her family who are in shock and pain. I keep thinking that her husband knows now. He is in the presence of God and knows.

Now we see things imperfectly, like puzzling reflections in a mirror, but then we will see everything with perfect clarity. All that I know now is partial and incomplete, but then I will know everything completely, just as God now knows me completely.

Three things will last forever—faith, hope, and love—and the greatest of these is love. (1 Corinthians 13:12, 13 NLT)

One thought on “Today’s Reflection

  1. Cari Gruelle says:

    Thank you for today’s post… I so needed to hear these words.
    Yesterday really shook me up, and I thank you for saying out loud what I have been thinking since yesterday. “The mystery of eternity with questions.”
    You are AMAZING Cindy!

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