What Love Looks Like

On the way home from Manteca yesterday we passed quite a few winter vineyards.

I noticed that most looked cleaned and ready to bear fruit.

The weeds underneath had been pulled and any garbage clogging the paths was picked up and tossed.

They were pruned down to their nubs, with no dead branches to get in the way of new growth.

It looked like they were … loved. It was obvious that someone cared for them and that the farmer of those vineyards valued them.

If you feel like you have been pruned, pulled and worked over with not much left but the roots of who you are perhaps it is because you are loved, cared for, valued.

You are being pruned, weeded and prepared to bear fruit for the coming season.

We think love looks like someone doing everything for us, without causing us pain or without effort, even bearing fruit for us and just giving it to us.

What love really looks like someone doing whatever is needed to help us bear our own fruit.

Connected to the root, pruned, weeded and ready. This is what love looks like.

“I am the Real Vine and my Father is the Farmer.” (John 15:1 MSG)


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